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Toronto Crossbow Range, More Discussion

Email received October 29th:

My name is Wolf and I came across a discussion that you would like to open a crossbow range. I would like to get into the sport but I can't find a space in or around Toronto to shoot a crossbow. Any advice or help is appreciated. 


Wolf B.
Hello Wolf!
Yes, this is true. I do want to open an indoor crossbow range / archery range. It would operate like a private gym with gym memberships for members to cover the cost of renting a location / renovating it / maintenance / hiring people to supervise it. Part of it would be supplemented by having a crossbow / archery store.
To get it up and running however we need at least so many annual members to make it financially viable. So far I have had 41 people sign up for a waiting list. Do you want to add your name to the waiting list?

If so I need the following from you:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone #
  • Do you prefer a monthly membership ($100) or annual membership ($800)?
In the meantime I usually shoot in my garage or when traveling up north. If you can find other friends who are into crossbows and possibly have access to a location where you can shoot in a more wilderness location, even better, although admittedly that would be further away from Toronto and lack convenience.
Wolf's Den near Barrie has a range (not sure if they allow crossbows, but I am guessing they do). Considering your name is Wolf that could be a fun place to check out, although again Barrie isn't very convenient. At least it gives you another option for a possible place to shoot.

Researching the Best Way to Design an Indoor Crossbow Range

There are a number of ways the crossbow / archery range could be designed... Here are some photos I found on Google which I am using for research purposes.

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