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How to Build a Log Cabin, Timelapse + Longer Video

First, lets watch the timelapse video of how this guy built his own log cabin.

All videos are from the youtube channel "My Self Reliance".

Next to my commentary before we continue to the longer videos below:

  1. If it was me building it, I would have liked to have made it bigger. Mostly because I have a wife and a kid and we would want the extra space.
  2. When I lived in South Korea I got the pleasure of visiting and sleeping in a Traditional Korean log cabin - which was AMAZING. It was so cool inside, and it was very easy to sleep there. No bugs or insects either. Clearly there is something to be learned from their traditional building techniques.
  3. If I didn't make it bigger, I would have at least designed it in a way that it can be modified and expanded in the future easily.
But whatever! This is his place, not mine. Maybe he doesn't have a wife/kids. Or maybe he does, but they don't like mosquitoes. Whatever. His choice, his freedom to do as he pleases.

I checked. He does have a wife and a dog. And kids. And apparently he has since built cabins, so he now has plenty of space.

In this 2nd video here is his guide to buying cheap off grid land... and talks about many of the legal issues about building a log cabin on off grid land, which can be hassle for many people. Many of the pitfalls can be rather discouraging, but it is important to know what you are getting into.

The next video: How to build a log cabin for free.

And the last video: A 1 hour video from 2017 on how to build a log cabin.

If life in a log cabin interests you, please check out his other videos on "My Self Reliance". I found them to be very informative.

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