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Fitting and Adjusting the Draw Length of a Compound Bow


Can you give me a call to discuss fitting a compound bow.

Stephen C.


Hello Stephen!

Fitting a compound bow? By that I am going to guess you are talking about adjusting it to your draw length.

If you are buying a new compound bow in a store, they usually adjust it to your draw length in the store.

If it is an used compound bow, then it helps to have the manual handy, but it is still possible to adjust it without the manual by changing the position of the cables (and sometimes pins) on the cams. A measure of experience in making such adjustments also helps.

If you are looking for me to help you adjust the bow to your draw length, that is a feat best done in person and not over the phone.

There are YouTube videos about how to adjust the draw length / fitting compound bows if you want to attempt to do this on your own.

If you meant something else by fitting, please elaborate.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Have a good weekend and happy shooting!

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