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How to start a fire with a flint and steel kit

Trivia Question:

Which is harder, flint or steel?

Watch the following video from Townends to get the answer.

You can buy flint and steel kits on Amazon, or if you are smart you can collect your own materials for considerably less cost.

Wilderness Solutions Flint and Steel Kit - $28.95 (includes shipping)

Primitive Fire Deluxe Flint and Steel Kit - $32

Myself, I already have everything I need.

Years ago I bought flint arrowheads. So I have those handy if I need them. That plus a steel knife and some suitable tinder, and I am good to go. eg. Pine sap makes very good tinder for starting a fire.

eg. Watch the following video from Coalcracker Bushcraft on how to use pine sap as tinder. Plus, pine sap is suitable tinder when everything else is wet because it is so oily it repels water.

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