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200th Post of Project Gridless

Back in March 2014 I wrote a post titled 100th Post of Project Gridless. Now here we are 42 months later (3.5 years) and we have reached post #200. 2014 was a prolific year by the way. 100 posts in that year. I have never come close to that level of posts since then. (Since then I have also gotten married and had a son, so to be fair I am much busier than I used to be.)

Back in 2014 when I was writing that particular post I focused on the Past, talking mostly about which posts had been the most popular during the first 99 posts. I also discussed which posts had been my favourites.

And then near the bottom I added some notes for the Future.

At the time I wrote the following:

Notes for the Future
I think I should do more posts on the following topics...
Gardening / Food Recipes - I don't think I have written enough on this topic. 
Wilderness Activities - Things people can do for fun when live in the countryside / close to wilderness. Not just archery, which I love, or falconry, or horseback riding, which are also awesome. Just a long list of things people can do when they live in a region with no shortage of wilderness to explore. 
Real estate / off the grid homes - Honestly, I already have a fair amount - and they are popular - but I feel I should be writing more on this topic because it is a major part of this website's purpose. True, six of the top ten posts are about off-the-grid homes, but I think I need to do more to talk about this.

However judging by the fact that in the past 3.5 years I wrote quite a bit about archery, and only gave scant attention to the topics of gardening, food, non-archery wilderness activities, and while I did write some about real estate and off grid homes, I admit I could have done better.

It is a bit like how people make New Years Resolutions and then immediately break them. I did write some about these things, but mostly I wrote about archery. Archery is one of my big passions after all.

So I am not going to make resolutions with respect to topic like that this time, because I know I cannot guarantee that I won't just end up talking about archery 60% of the time anyway.

So this time I am going to talk about the FUTURE with respect to social media.

#1. Project Gridless on Facebook

A few days ago I finally made a Project Gridless page on Facebook.

#2. Project Gridless on YouTube

I made this years ago, but mostly I have been posting archery videos, videos of wildlife, and videos of waterfalls so far.

I have a whole bunch of videos saved on my laptop I have been meaning to add to YouTube as well, I just haven't got around to it.

#3. Charles Moffat on Instagram

This is my personal Instagram account. Mostly archery photographs, but I sometimes post other topics. I don't see the need to have an Instagram account just for Project Gridless. I do have "other projects" after all.

#4. Charles Moffat on Twitter

Again, my personal Twitter account. This one gets more political. I sometimes swear at idiot politicians, but I post on a variety of topics - not just archery.

So why am I mentioning these?

Well, ideally, I would like more of an effort with respect to Project Gridless over the next 5 years. I want to grow it exponentially - and part of that plan (pipedream?) is that I want to start making use of YouTube a lot more by making videos about survivalism and a variety of related topics. Some of them will be related to off the grid living, but there are limits to how much I can do in terms of videos without actually buying some land.

Ideally, I would also like to buy some land during the next 5 years. So we shall see what happens.

None of my plans are set in stone. With a wife and a baby boy, my plans could change drastically within the next 5 years.

Wherever we end up it will likely be near a school. Will it be "off the grid"? Probably not. Will I try to convince the wife that we should invest in wind turbines? Probably yes.

Will any of the things I am discussing come about? Who knows?

To quote Donald Trump when talking about nuking North Korea: "We'll see, we'll see."

So yeah. We'll see.

The future is a blank slate.

Although coincidentally, if Donald Trump does start a nuclear war the future could be drastically different from what many people imagined. So yeah... Hopefully that craziness doesn't happen.

We'll see.

A Few Statistics from the Last 6.4 Years of Project Gridless...

Okay, I lied. Sue me. Here are few stats about the history of Project Gridless.
  • Started in April 2011, roughly 6.4 years ago.
  • Most popular post thus far: 25 Examples of Off the Grid Homes
  • Number of Visitors: 497,495 as of today.
  • Most Prolific Year: 2014.
  • Year with the Most Visitors: 2014.
  • Month with the Most Visitors: December 2016.
  • Most of the visitors are coming from: USA, Canada, Russia - in that order.
  • Most Popular Search Terms: Off the Grid Homes, homemade crossbow, living off the grid.
And below, some of my favourite images from the last 6.4 years. (And yes, I admit, quite a few of them are archery related.)

Have a nice day!

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