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An Archer's Guide to Stump Shooting

Okay, so since some people don't know what a stump is, lets first define that.

A Stump is the rotting trunk of a dead tree. A stump is typically so rotten it is falling apart.

Stump Shooting therefore is the act of shooting at rotting tree stumps. Ideally the stump should be falling apart so that you can pull your arrow out easily. (Shooting at a normal tree or trunk is a great way to either break your arrow or spend half an hour trying to cut your arrow out.)
Stump Shooting is excellent practice for hunting in a woodland area. You shoot at the stumps from a variety of angles, distances, and even elevations.

Below are a few photos illustrating what Stump Shooting involves.

Stump Shooting Tips
  1. Check to make sure what you are shooting at is indeed a stump. It would suck if it was a normal tree trunk.
  2. If you are new to archery, perhaps stick to shorter distances for now.
  3. If you are new to archery, perhaps use large colourful fletched arrows (aka Flu Flu Fletch) so you can find your arrows easily.
  4. Don't use any fancy broadheads. Field points are better / less likely to break. Why use your good broadheads on a tree stump??? That is just a good way to dull the blade or risk breaking it if you miss the stump and hit a rock by accident.
  5. Don't shoot near rocks if possible.
  6. When in doubt, aim lower.
  7. Aim small, miss small.
  8. Practice, practice, practice.
  9. Don't goof off or try to show off.
  10. Bring mosquito repellent. Little vampires will kill ye...
  11. Difficulty finding stumps? Find a forest that is a little marshy. Stumps rot faster if they are wet regularly.
  12. Don't use the same stump all the time. Instead, make a trail that goes to different stumps so you can walk around from stump to stump like it is a golf course.
So what is the Big Deal about Stump Shooting?

Well it is popular for many reasons.
  1. It is fun.
  2. It is challenging.
  3. It is great practice.
  4. You can bring friends.
  5. You can turn it into a contest.
  6. You don't need to buy a portable target.
  7. You get to enjoy shooting in natural surroundings.
  8. You can really challenge yourself with some interesting shots.

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