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Two compound bows for sale in Toronto

September 15th 2017.

Hello Toronto and people in the GTA!

So I have two compound bows currently for sale:

$80 - Daco Regency, circa 1988 (stabilizers not included)

$80 - PSE USA Spirit, circa 1992 - SOLD!

I already have two possible buyers for both bows, but for the sake of redundancy I felt I would advertise them on here too. Plus you know, extra content for the website.

I gained the above two bows because I was looking for old compound bows I could use for parts to repair other compound bows, but these two bows are in good working condition - so why not just sell them as is?

I also have 5 other bows that for sale, but I need to take photos of all them first before I start advertising that they are for sale.

If you live in Toronto and are interested in the above bows or any other bows I currently have for sale you can contact me by emailing cardiotrek{atsymbol}gmail.com.

September 22nd Update

So I sold the PSE USA Spirit a few days ago. So I am adding new photos of the Daco Regency now that the bow has been cleaned and polished.

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