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Ben Pearson Cougar #706 for Sale, in Toronto

For Sale

Ben Pearson Cougar #706, circa 1967-68. 35 lbs.

(In January 1969 Ben Pearson switched to a 4 digit model system and the 706 model became 7060, hence how we know this bow is from either 1967 or 68.)

Still shoots straight despite being roughly 50 years old.

A beautiful bow, good vintage bow for a collector.

Price: $140 CDN.

Email cardiotrek{atsymbol}gmail.com for more details.

Pick up in Leaside, Toronto.

Why am I selling? My wife says I have too many bows. I currently have 34. I need to sell 6 bows. The Ben Pearson Cougar is near identical to one of my other bows, the Ben Pearson Collegian. Plus I recently purchased a Ben Pearson Renegade... so yeah. Time to sell the Cougar since it is too similar to the Collegian.

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