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Trying to decide which Bow to Shoot on the 24th

I am going to the Toronto Archery Range on Sunday, September 24th and I am trying to decide which bow I want to shoot.

Namely the following two bows:

Left - Model T Jennings, Circa 1970.

Right - Black Hawk Chief Scout, 197??? (I haven't research it enough just yet to confirm an approximate age).

I also have a second problem... I need to make carrying cases for both bows, which means I need to work on my sewing skills - and find some fabric which is appropriate.

Both of these bows are really long compared to modern compound bows. They won't even fit inside a normal compound bow case. They are really long........ Great strives have been made in recent decades to make compound bows smaller and more compact.

In theory I could make one case for both bows - and just take both of them. But I think that is kind of silly. I will need to make two carrying bags.

To be continued...

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